What clients say about Ancestral Stories….

Your research has provided “the ultimate answer to the ultimate question” (ref Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).   I do appreciate your excellent work and integrity. I could not have done this alone.

RC – Birmingham England. 

I would like to thank you most sincerely for your help in providing such great detail and information on the history of my father’s family. Since he died such a long time ago I never really knew very much about his family and your hard work has provided me with valuable and very interesting information. I was just a child when my grandparents died and so had no opportunity of asking them any questions regarding my ancestry. It was most illuminating to find that many of my ancestors worked in the weaving industry but that there was also a tradition of confectioners, a cab driver in the 18th century and also a brewer of ale! Going back to the 18th century has provided me with a fascinating insight into his family. You are kind, supportive, knowledgeable and very efficient and I am truly glad that you were recommended to me.

Judith Eccleshare – Lancashire England


You have wrought mightily & I am thrilled with what you have found. I am absolutely thrilled – again – with what you have discovered from the Crewe estate records, which is immensely helpful and has given me a huge amount of data to chew over and exceeds all my expectations.

GW – Buckinghamshire England


Wow! How do you do it? You’ve opened up a whole new world to me and my family. The way you have traced back my ancestry is just phenomenal. Your dedication to detail and evidencing all aspects of my ancestor’s history with birth, marriage and death certificates along with census copies is just remarkable.
We have spent hours with the wider family going through it and have been fascinated with the numerous aspects of my ancestors that we have discovered from where they lived to what they did. We even have had a great time on Google Maps/Streets seeing if their homes still exist.
It is amazing that you have been able to track back through nine generations to 1709. We have used your record as a basis for family discussions and it is amazing what people remember.
Lastly I must commend you on the excellent way all the material is prepared, documented and presented – an essential element in any ancestral history if it is to be understood.
You are a master and I salute you.

Maurice Jasper – Lancashire England


I received your email this morning and I am so excited. It never would have occurred to me to think of an alternative such as this as to why I could not find his birth registration in the civil records. That’s why you are the expert and I am not and you know what they say, “you should always leave it to the experts” I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent service you provide for all of us who are stuck on the proverbial brick wall, especially those of us who live so far away and don’t have access to all the records. Being a researcher I guess you would have researched your family tree so you will know how I am feeling now, SO EXCITED… I am like a child on Christmas Day I can’t take the smile off my face because I have been given everything I have wished for. Thank you so much Graham.

AC – Perth Australia


I am writing to thank you for your hard work in tracing my family history. Your work is thorough, extremely detailed and beautifully presented. I was impressed particularly with the inclusion of photocopied material to substantiate your findings.

Ann Jones – Bolton, Lancashire England


I wanted to thank you so much for all the help and guidance you gave me while discovering my family history. At the beginning I only knew about my Grandparents, now I’m back generations. You have been patient and understanding when my memory failed and highly professional in making sure my own research was accurate so that your research was conducted on a sound footing. As I continue tracing my family here in East Anglia, I know I can rely on you for help when I get stuck! There is always something new to discover and I thank you for opening my eyes to what is available.

MT  – Ipswich, Suffolk England


Although being is New Zealand is lovely, tracing my family history back past 1850 in the UK was a bit difficult to say the least! The service you provided for me was fantastic. Your reports were detailed, easy to read and were well cross referenced. I also appreciated all the photocopies taken from various sources; these just seem to help bring my ancestors alive to me. I have recommended you to a few of my work colleagues who I know have been struggling with their own research. So hopefully you will hear from some of them. Thanks for making my search for so many of my long forgotten ‘family relatives’ such a rewarding experience.

Annie Bell – Auckland, New Zealand


Over the past twenty or so years, my wife and I have spent endless hours trying to find Ancestral information to begin our Master Books with historical family records.  My own personal challenge has been to locate as much information of the Davies family that originated in Liverpool England.  It has been through the recent assistance of Graham Hicks that many of our questions have been answered, and complete historical records have been remarkably located.   Graham has completely astounded me with the documents he has accumulated for me, information that I have been searching to locate for many years.  The gratitude of being able to complete the ancestral time lines is overwhelming, and I smile while I learn so much of my family, which was previously unknown to me. Graham definitely has a true and honest insight as to what it means to those of us, who need those records to truly light up the way for us.  I can never thank him enough.  Living in Canada, my first contact to locate over the web was Graham Hicks. 

Was I ever lucky!


David J. Davies – Ontario, Canada
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